Strenx 700

The high-strength structural steel at 700 MPa

In the never-ending battle for improved performance of steel products, less weight wins. Strenx is stronger than ordinary steel, you need less material to achieve equivalent strengths in your products.

Strenx 700 products are structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 650-700 MPa depending on thickness. The chemical analysis, consisting of low levels of carbon has additional grain refiners such as niobium, titanium or vanadium that are precisely added to the chemistry. This together with high cleanliness, makes Strenx performance steels the most competitive alternative for cold formed and welded products.

Strenx 700 products are used in applications such as tipper and trailer chassis, cranes, construction and agriculture equipment, especially in load carrying structures that have high demands for lower weight. In these applications, the high strength of these steels can be used to save weight, increase the payload or increase the performance. Furthermore, as a result of these benefits and the good formability of the steels, the total cost can be reduced.

Strenx 700

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