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Scarp Shear Blades of sationary shears

Stationary scrap shears are primarily used in the recycling industry and are equipped with prismatic blades to crush especially non-homogeneous scrap and large parts, such as rails, carriers and car parts and scrap metal. These application areas are exposed to high wear in which high-performance features of iKnives® are of excellent use as they have prolonged lifetime.

iKnives® Extra blades for stationary scrap have been developed with extremely hard and simultaneously though steel that substantially reduces chipping and flaking. Long-term tests have proven that the service life of iKnives® Extra could be extended by up to 40%!

We provide two types of Stationary scrap shears: iKnives® Extra and iKnives® Standard that do not only differentiate in their features – shown in the tables bellow - but also in the manufacturing steps.

Due to higher hardness of iKnives® Extra knives, the fine mechanical machining takes more efforts but the machining steps are shortened because of the hardened steel that is used for iKnives® Extra. Therefore, the manufacturing time for iKnives® Extra can be significantly reduced in comparison to iKnives® Standard or other types of steel.

iKnives® Extra

Use Toughness Hardness
Non-homogeneous scrap, hard and large parts 20 J at 20°C 55 – 60 HRc


iKnives® Standard

Use Toughness Hardness
Non-homogeneous scrap, hard and large parts 8 – 10 J at 20°C 52 – 54 HRc
Scarp Shear Blades of sationary shears

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