AR 500 bars

SSAB is now proudly introducing the development of AR 500 round bars in different dimensions, targeting Ø 20 – 150 mm. During the development process, the bar products are named AR (Abrasion Resistant) and will be branded Hardox® when all properties consistently correspond to plate properties in production.

Hardox round bars have the same properties as Hardox wear-resistant plates, so the same properties in a new shape! The bars are hardened and tempered to achieve high tensile strength and hardness, combined with excellent toughness.

They can be used directly without additional heat treatment. AR 500 round bars are unique products on the market, with assured properties (corresponding to the Hardox 500 plates) in the cross-section of the round steel, regardless of the dimensions.

AR 500 has a typical impact strength of 27 J at -40 °C, making it a unique product among the high-strength round steels (hardness 500 HBW). Mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and impact toughness are indicated on the material certificate.

AR 500 bars

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