Shorter production times and lower costs


Toolox is delivered prehardened and ready to use, with tested and guaranteed mechanical properties Toolox provides users:

  • Better alternative to steel grades 42CrMo4QT, 1.2312 and 1.2311
  • High hardness in combination with excellent toughness
  • 2 to 3 times tougher than other steels with the same or similar hardness
  • good dimensional stability due to high tempering temperature
  • Excellent machining, polishing and texturing properties
  • Heat and fatique resistant
  • Excellent vibration damping properties

Toolox prehardened tool steels represent a unique and special concept for producing forming tools and machine components. Toolox is a modern prehardened tool steel based on many years of experience at SSAB in the development and production of Hardox wear plates and Weldox high strength steels.

The fundamental idea behind Toolox is to deliver a steel that is hardened and ready for use, with tested and guaranteed physical properties. Due to the high metallurgical purity, the freedom from slag achieved corresponds to ESR remelted material. Every plate is uniquely produced, and each individual plate is tested for hardness, toughness and homogeneity. Toolox is directly machinable and requires no further hardening and remachining. The fact that the material is fully prehardened means that it has low residual stresses and guaranteed stable properties. The hardness of the steel creates unique conditions for precision and surface finish. Toolox allows for a new and modern toolmaking process. The greatest benefits are shorter production times, and more uniform and stable material properties. In addition, the steel enables a number of risky processes to be eliminated, such as hardening, with the associated risk of damage. Due to its pure metallurgy and hardening, Toolox has unique toughness and fatigue properties, which greatly increases the lifespan of the tool or machine component.

Excellent properties for processes such as etching, polishing and coating are also a distinctive feature of Toolox. As a result, Toolox offers very flexible opportunities in applications for which it is used. Typical applications include plastic molds, edge-pressing tools, wear strips, plate pressing tools, etc. Toolox is available in three hardnesses: Toolox 33 with a hardness of 300 HBW, Toolox 40 with a hardness 400 HBW and Toolox 44 with a hardness of 45 HRC – the world’s hardest fully prehardened tool steel with the same hardness all the way through.

As an option, Toolox can also be nitrided and surfaced with an even harder coating for surface hardnesses between 60 and 65 HRC. This increases further the intervals between tool service, which improves the overall economy.

Toolox tool steel and machine construction is available in hardness of 300, 400 and 450 HB. Plates are available in thicknesses of 6 to 160 mm and rods of 20 to 140 mm. Toolox 33 and Toolox 44 are also available