Hardox HiTemp

Wear plate improves service life at high temperatures

Hardox HiTemp is a high-heat grade of Hardox wear plate that provides a cost-efficient solution for wear resistance at high temperatures in the 300–500°C range (570–930°F). Whereas traditional quenched and tempered wear-resistant steels lose hardness at higher temperatures, Hardox HiTemp high-temperature steel delivers extreme wear resistance. Its properties are achieved by using high-quality raw material combined with a carefully controlled manufacturing process.

Hardox HiTemp is delivered as 5–51 mm (0.197’’–2’’) plate. It can be cut, welded and machined using the same kind of machinery and technology as for conventional steel.

Hardox HiTemp


The Hardox HiTemp meets an important wear challenge: Standing up to abrasive conditions in high heat environments.

Traditional quenched and tempered wear resistant steels experience a loss of hardness at higher temperatures, in the 300-500°C* range.

So far, alternative solutions for high temperature applications have been more costly and more complicated to work with.

Hardox HiTemp wear plate is a better answer. The high temperature performance of Hardox HiTemp is achieved by using high-quality raw material in combination with a carefully controlled manufacturing process.

Hardox HiTemp can be cut, welded, machined and cold formed by the same kind of workshop machinery and technology as other Hardox grades and conventional steel. All this adds up to making Hardox HiTemp an ideal choice for high temperature wear applications in many areas—particularly in process industries such as steel, cement and coal power plants, and recycling and asphalt industries.

Mechanical Properties
Hardness 1) (HBW)
Min - Max 1)
Typical yield strength (MPa), not guaranteed
4.7 - 51.0 375 - 425 1100

1) Brinell hardness, HBW, according to EN ISO 6506-1, on a milled surface 0.5 – 3 mm below surface. At least one test specimen per heat and 40 tons.
The nominal material thickness will not deviate more than ± 15 mm from that of the test specimen.

Hardox is through-hardened. Minimum core hardness is 90% of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.

Impact Properties

Grade Longitudinal test, typical impact energy, Charpy V 10x10 mm test specimen. 1)
Hardox HiTemp 60 J/ -40 oC

1) Impact toughness measured upon agreement. Impact testing according to ISO EN 148 per heat and thickness group. Average of three test.


More details are given in SSAB’s brochure General Product Information Strenx, Hardox, Armox and Toolox-UK and Hardox guarantees or at www.ssab.com.

Tolerances according to Hardox Thickness guarantees. Hardox guarantees meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A but offers more narrow tolerances.  

Length and Width
According to SSAB’s dimension program. Tolerances according to SSAB´s mill edge standards or tolerances that conform to EN 10 029.

Tolerances according to EN 10 029.

Tolerances according to Hardox® Flatness guarantees Class D, which are more restrictive than EN 10 029 Class N.

Surface Properties
According to EN 10 163-2, Class A Subclass 1.

Tolerances are according to Hardox Bending guarantees Class E.

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition (heat analysis)

C *)
(max %)
Si *)
(max %)
Mn *)
(max %)
P *)
(max %)
S *)
(max %)
Cr *)
(max %)
Ni *)
(max %)
Mo *)
(max %)
B *)
(max %)
0.25 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.010 1.40 1.50 1.5 0.004

The steel is grain refined. *) Intentional alloying elements.

Carbon Equivalent CET(CEV)

4.7 - 51.0
Max CET(CEV) 0.47 (0.70)
Typ CET(CEV) 0.40 (0.59)

Carbon Equivalent CET(CEV)

Delivery Conditions

The delivery condition is QT (Quenched and Tempered). The plates are delivered with sheared or thermally cut edges. Untrimmed mill edges are available by agreement. Delivery requirements can be found in SSAB’s brochure 41-General product information Strenx, Hardox®, Armox and Toolox or at www.ssab.com

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