Hardox Wear Parts

As a certified Hardox Wearparts, we produce all kinds of HARDOX wear parts. HARDOX steel comes in an impressive range of hardness levels and thicknesses., therefore is always possible to choose the right wear plate for your applications. We specialize in the production of hard-to-stretch wear parts with hardness 450 to 650 Brinell. We always have HARDOX plates in our stock, which we quickly process into wear-resistant products. We manufacture customer-specific wear parts such as rackets, funnels, slides, hammers, knives, screens or linings made of highly wear-resistant Hardox sheets. We also process Hardox rods and manufacture bolts, shafts and bearing bushings.

Hardox plates provide the highest level of wear resistance, keeping abrasive material from damaging the surface of steel. Its hardness also reinforces the plates overall strength and helps maintain shape. Hardox wear parts are tough enough to withstand heavy impacts in industrial settings without cracking.

The properties of Hardox steel remain consistent from plate-to-plate. They are available in Hardox grades that range from 350 to 650 HB.