Wear costs money - save the money with Hardox


The Hardox wear plate product range of abrasion-resistant steel has a worldwide reputation for being both hard and tough, fighting wear in the most severe conditions. Hardox was the world's first modern wear plate launched in 1974.

  • Unique combination of consistently high hardness, high strength and excellent toughness
  • Hardox ist not used not only as wear resistant steel, but also as construction steel and tool steel
  • Complete product range
    • The wide range of hardness grades from 400 to 650 HB
    • Plate thickness 0,7 to 160 mm
    • Different shapes: plates, round bars and pipes

Hardox is produced only by SSAB Company which is focused exclusively on quenched and tempered steels.

Hardox for extreme abrasion resistance

Hardox is the brand for wear solutions with the highest payload and service life. Hardox wear plate meets strict demands on strength, consistent quality, flatness and surface conditions. Thanks to the ideal combination of consistently high hardness and excellent impact toughness makes Hardox wear plate the best material for a wide range of applications: in mining, recycling, transportation, quarrying, concrete and cement work and many other areas.

There is only one producer of Hardox plate, SSAB. Hardox has been on the market since the 1976 and is continually being developed to meet customer requirements.

The extreme wear resistance has always been key to the success of Hardox® wear plate. Today it is harder and tougher than ever, and able to withstand heavy impact without permanent deformation or cracking

Hardness and toughness working together

Hardness is what gives Hardox steel its unique wear resistance and structural strength. Hardness minimizes wear since it is difficult for the ‘edges’ of abrasive material to cut into the material. Hardox grades deliver high wear resistance during the plate’s entire service life. Hardness also means it has excellent yield and tensile strength, properties that keep a structure in shape without being deformed.

Hardness = Wear Resistance

Toughness is the other strong point of Hardox wear plate. When hardness makes it wear resistant and strong, toughness is what makes it possible to bend, form and weld the material without cracking. If a Hardox wear plate is stressed beyond its yield point and plastically deformed—on purpose in the workshop or when hit by a heavy rock on site—it will resist cracking and if a localized crack should occur, it will resist propagation.

Toughness = Safety

Although primarily used exclusively as a wear plate, Hardox has been successfully employed in machine construction and as tool steel. With Hardox steel you can design structures that are wear-resistant, strong and lightweight at the same time. Hardox wear plate keeps getting more powerful and versatile. New grades and dimensions are introduced regularly. The traditional Hardox® wear plate has been complemented with tubes and round bars.

Longer service life, higher payload, lower maintenance costs and outstanding accessibility lead to economic improvement and safeguards the competitive advantage.


Longer service life, higher payload, lower maintenance costs and outstanding accessibility lead to economic improvement and safeguards the competitive advantage.

The toughness values for Hardox HiTuf, 450 and 500 are guaranteed minimum values at -40°C, -20°C and 0°C respectively. Compared to a standard S355 steel, Hardox HiTuf for example has about a three times higher resistance to permanent deformation (hardness) and an equal resistance to cracking (toughness).

Strenght, Hardness and Guaranteed Toughness


What hardness is right for you? Probably a combination of grades, fighting different wear conditions. A tipper body might have one Hardox grade in the base and another on the sides in order to provide even service life for the entire body. When calculating relative service life with SSAB’s WearCalc software, Hardox Extreme will last more than 10 times longer than mild steel in similar wear conditions.



The variety of dimensions makes Hardox® wear plate suitable for a wide range of designs and products. The outstanding qualities of the flat Hardox® wear plate grades are also available in the form of tubes and round bars.