Hardox & Duroxite Liners

Maximizing the performance and durability with Hardox upgrading


Hardox liners play important role in preventing excessive wear or demage to costly machinery. Hardox is synonym for durability and the why to increase productivity, reducing both downtime and maintenance costs. 

Wear is mainly either sliding wear or impact wear. Duroxite® is ideal for sliding wear applications, while Hardox® can withstand all kinds of impact and keep on performing. Essential for ensuring a long service life is the liner installation, which is typically welded or bolted on. Using stud welding can further enhance the strength and lifespan.

The excellent and consistent product properties, combined with high toughness, minimize the risk of unplanned maintenance stops by premature wear, chipping or cracking.


- liners on mobile machines

- fixed plant liners, chutes,  feeders, screens, crusher and deflector plates

Hardox & Duroxite Liners