High toughness even at low temperatures

Scrap shear blade for mobile shear

Scrap and demolition shears are primarily used in the recycling industry. They are fitted in the front part with different diameters, so that they can withstand the varying wear depending on the position.

Crucial benefits of iKnives® include:

  • all four cutting edges of the blades shear can be used. The blades are made from wear-resistant steel and promote due to their longer lifespan their production because of less machine downtime.
  • the nose knife is mounted on the front of the upper jaw against wear and damage.
  • the front knife prevents wear of the inside of the lower jaw. Additionally, due to its four cutting edges, the knife is 4 times usable and is made of highly wear resistant steel.

Due to higher hardness of iKnives® Extra knives, the fine mechanical machining takes more efforts but the machining steps are shortened because of the hardened steel that is used for iKnives® Extra. Therefore, the manufacturing time for iKnives® Extra can be significantly reduced in comparison to iKnives® Standard or other types of steel.

Scrap shear blade for mobile shear