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Gear Racks

Toolox is a unique steel for the production of precision machined gear racks. Toolox is based on the ultra-clean steel metallurgical concept which gives it extraordinary properties. Toolox is delivered in the quenched and tempered condition and has guaranteed and tested mechanical properties. Toolox is available in 3 different strength levels with tensile strengths of 980, 1260 and 1450 MPa.

A pre-hardened steel with very high strength is now an option to use. An example of this is seen in Fig. 1, a gear rack specified to have a hardness of minimum 400 HB. The alternative grade 34CRMo4 would have needed heat treatment. The high strength of Toolox® also gives the potential to lower the size of the gear, making the equipment more compact. Toolox® is based on a modern low-carbon content. Minimizing carbon and instead using more efficient elements such as molybdenum makes it possible to produce a steel that has a high crack and fatigue resistance. The lower carbon content also makes welding and hot cutting like oxy cutting easier by comparing the carbon equivalent (CEIIW) value of the different steels in Table 1.

Toolox is an excellent base material for surface hardening such as nitriding, laser hardening and induction hardening. Its high yield strength and crack resistance minimizes all risks. Especially nitriding of Toolox is recommendable since it doesn’t affect the mechanical properties and gives low deformations.

Gear Racks

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