Toolox 33 round bars

Pre-hardened, precise, predictable steel, now in round bars

Toolox 33 round bars are pre-hardened, ready-to-use quenched and tempered tool steels that come in a wide range of diameters from small to large.

Suitable for engineering applications in tool holders and in different types of shafts and rolls, the diameter dimensions also provide a better solution for round parts in tooling applications like molding and in dies for aluminium die casting.

Toolox 33 round bars

Typical values for Toolox 33


Mechanical Properties
Hardness 1)
21 - 141 275 - 325

1) Hardness is measured, according to EN ISO 6506-1, on a milled surface 0.5 - 2 mm below the plate surface.

Bar Hardness is measured on a milled surface, with indents positioned as impact test according to EN 10 083.


Impact Properties

Test temperature Impact energy, Charpy-V, Min J 2) 
20°C 35 min J

2) Impact testing according to EN 10 025, EN ISO 148.

Ultrasonic testing
Ultrasonic inspection is carried out according to : EN 10 160 with extra demands according to specification SSAB V6.


Tolerances for Toolox 33 round bars are according to EN 10 060.

For more information concerning dimensions and tolerances, see Toolox round bars dimensional program: Toolox engineering & tool steel dimensional program bars available at or

Delivery Conditions

Order & delivery

Quenched and Tempered at a minimum temperature of 590 °C.

On delivery from SSAB the plates meet the following specifications:

  • free from mill scale
  • not repair welded

Delivery requirements can be found in SSAB’s brochure 41-General product information Strenx, Hardox, Armox and Toolox-UK or

Tech Support

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