Screens for grinder, shredders and centrifuges

Most materials in the recycling process get size reduced. To reach required grain sizes, shredders and granulators are equipped with perforated Hardox pates named as screens or sieves.

A further part of the recycling process is to wash and dry the material with friction washers and centrifuges. Due to the centrifugal force water and mud goes through fine perforated screens.

We offer screens for all grinders, shredders and centrifuges or mechanical dryers with different types of perforations. Round, quadratic and hexagonal holes in different diameters and pitches are possible.

Screens made in Hardox have surprised many end users of gratings with their shape stability for the holes. The secret is consistent hardness through the entire thickness range. Instead of monthly replacements, you could be looking at annual replacements. And excellent bending properties enable a high degree of shape variations.

Screens for grinder, shredders and centrifuges

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