CNC Milling & Grinding

CNC Machining of prehardened steel grades in top quality

Our core competence lies in the processing of innovative, difficult to machine steel grades such as pre-hardened Toolox and Hardox, which are increasingly used in the tooling and engineering industry. In order to machine Toolox and Hardox economically in the required quality, the entire mchining process must be right.

Through close cooperation and exchange of experience with toolmakers (Hoffman and Sandvik), we have succeeded in efficiently machining such difficult-to-machine materials with a hardness of up to 62 HRc.

Damatech increases productivity and quality thanks to new tooling development and through optimization of CNC machining strategies.

Our core competence is CNC processing of prehardened steels such as Toolox and Hardox

Hartford HSA 323

Double Column Vertical Machining Center

Longitudinal travel: 3.000 mm
Cross Travel: 2.300 mm
Vertical Travel: 1.000 mm

Doosan Puma

Doosan Mynx 7500/50

Vertical Machining Center

Longitudinal travel: 1.525 mm
Cross Travel: 762 mm
Vertical Travel: 625 mm

Doosan Mynx 7500/50

Doosan Mynx 5400/50

Vertical CNC Milling Machine

Longitudinal travel: 1.020 mm
Cross Travel: 540 mm
Vertical Travel: 530 mm

Rosa Ermando Iron 11.6 N

Rosa Ermando Iron 11.6 N

Surface Grinding Machine

Grinding Length: 1.200 mm
Grinding Transversal: 530 mm
Grinding Heigth: 480 mm