Duroxite 200


Duroxite 200 consists of specially formulated abrasive materials deposited on mild steel backing plate that is suitable for extremely severe abrasive wear and high to moderate impact applications. The overlay material is composed of primary chromium-rich carbides and refined multiple-alloy complex carbides dispersed evenly in a ductile eutectic austenite matrix. Duroxite 200 is available in single and double layers.

Key benefits

  • Multiple-alloy complex carbides are harder and finer than chromium carbides and interlock between the primary chromium carbides to provide better wear resistance
  • Longer service life and better wear resistance compared to traditional chromium carbide overlay plate
  • Double-layer overlay maintains full wear resistance up to 600° C (1100° F)

Typical Applications

Duroxite 200 is widely used in many industries including mining, cement and steel. Some specific applications include:

  • Mining: Chutes, liner plates, conveyors sides, underground mine skips
  • Cement: Cement furnace components, sinter plant parts, fan blades, mixer blades, crews, gyratory mantles, coal and cement pulverizer rolls, raw material crushing components, molding panels
  • Steel: Ore sintering, crushing, riddling, blast furnace hoppers, throats, and ovens
Duroxite 200
Mechanical Properties

Surface Hardness

Number of overlay passes Typical surface hardness 1)
Single pass 57 to 60 HRC (630 to 700 HV)
Double passes 60 to 65 HRC (700 to 850 HV)

1)Surface hardness is measured on machined flat surface just below overlay surface.

Wear Propertie

Number of overlay passes ASTM G65 - Procefure A weight loss 2)  
  Surface 75% depth of overlay 3)
Single pass 0.19 g maximum 0.19 g maximum
Double passes 0.12 g maximum 0.12 g maximum

2)ASTM G65 is a standard test measuring sliding abrasion resistance using a dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus. ASTM G65-Procedure A is the most severe test method.

3)ASTM G65 wear test is conducted at 75% depth of the overlay materials to ensure consistently good wear resistance from the top surface through to the depth of 75% of the overlay

Standard Dimensions
Standard overlay thickness Standard plate sizes
 Single pass Multiple passes  
Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit
3 mm on 6 mm 1/8˝ on 1/4˝ 6 mm on 6 mm 1/4˝ on 1/4˝    
    6 mm on 10 mm 1/4˝ on 3/8˝ 1.2 m x 2.4m
1.5 m x 3.0 m
1.8 m x 3.0 m
2.4 m x 3.0 m

4’ x 8’
5’ x 10’
6’ x 10’
8’ x 10’

    10 mm on 10 mm 3/8˝ on 3/8˝

Other plate sizes and custom thicknesses can be produced upon request.



Overall and overlay thickness tolerances can be guaranteed within +10% of specified thickness.


Plate flatness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±3 mm (±1/8”) over 1.5 m (5’) plate length for plate dimensions equal to or less than 1.5 m (5’) x 3.0 m (10’). For plates greater than 1.5 m (5’) wide by 3.0 m (10’) long, the following flatness guarantees apply.

Standard overlay thickness Flatness tolerance over 1.5 m (5´) plate tength
Metric unit (Imperial unit)
  1.8 m x 3.0 m (6´x 10´) 2.4 m x 3.0 m (8´x 10´)
Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit
5 mm on 7 mm 3/16˝ on 5/16˝ 25 mm 41 mm 1-5/8˝
6 mm on 6 mm 1/4˝ on 1/4˝ 25 mm Not available  
10 mm on 10 mm 3/8˝ on 3/8˝ 12 mm 1/2˝ 25 mm
12 mm on 12 mm 1/2˝ on 1/2˝ 6 mm 1/4˝ 16 mm 5/8˝

For custom sizes, please consult your local sales representative or Hardox Wearparts center for flatness guarantees.

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