Duroxite 500

Duroxite 500 is the newest addition to the range of Duroxite overlay products. It was developed for applications that involve abrasive wear and high impact in dry and wet environments. Duroxite 500 can substitute cast materials, titanium carbide overlay products or ceramic materials.

The overlay of Duroxite 500 features complex borocarbides that 200 times finder than chromium carbides. These complex borocarbides halt spalling and cracking when exposed to high impact.

Duroxite 500 excels at high temperature because it retains high hardness also at high temperature. Namely, it maintains a high hardness of approximately 60 HRC also after exposure to temperatures up to 600°C. Furthermore, the plate has uniform through-thickness hardness of 67 to 70 HRC for single and multiple-layer overlays.

The standard dimension of Duroxite 500 plates are 1200 x 2400mm, 1500 x 3000 mm, 1800 x 3000 mm and 2400 x 3000 mm.

Key Benefits

  • Duroxite 500 overlay contains ultra-fine complex borocarbides which is 200 times finer comparing with primary carbides in traditional chromium carbide overlay (Duroxite 100).
  • The wear resistance of Duroxite 500 is very similar to that of Duroxite 100 with the weight loss in ASTM G65-procedure A, 0.18g maximum. Duroxite® 500 also maintains a consistent wear resistance from surface down to 75% of the overlay.
  • The impact resistance of Duroxite 500 is six times better than that of Duroxite 100 in the lab test.

Typical Applications

Duroxite 500 is suitable for use in the mining, power generation, cement, oil sand, steel production, waste handling, and pulp and paper industries. Some specific applications include:

  • Mining: Earthmoving equipment, Crushing equipment, Mining equipment, Shovel buckets, Skip liners, Slurry pumps, Conveyor chains, Feeder line plate, bucket lips, hard banding
  • Cement: Augers, scraper blades, muller tires, mixer tires, brick dies, tamper feet, tillage tools, chisel plows
  • Oil Sands: Surge bins, Feed chutes, Slurry pipes, Slurry pumps
  • Dredging: Slurry pipes
  • Power: Spoon section liner plates, Ash handling equipment liners
  • Agriculture: Cane knives and shredders
Duroxite 500
Mechanical Properties

Surface Hardness

Number of overlay passes Typical surface hardness 1)
Single and dounle passes 67 to 70 HRC (925 to 1075 HV)

1)Surface hardness is measured on machined flat surface just below overlay surface.

Wear Propertie

Number of overlay passes ASTM G65 - Procefure A weight loss 2)  
  Surface 75% depth of overlay 3)
Single pass 0.25 g maximum 0.25 g maximum
Double passes 0.18 g maximum 0.18 g maximum

2)ASTM G65 is a standard test measuring sliding abrasion resistance using a dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus. ASTM G65-Procedure A is the most severe test method.

3)ASTM G65 wear test is conducted at 75% depth of the overlay materials to ensure consistently good wear resistance from the top surface through to the depth of 75% of the overlay

Standard Dimensions
Standard overlay thickness Standard plate sizes
 Single pass Multiple passes  
Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit Metric unit Imperial unit
3 mm on 6 mm 1/8˝ on 1/4˝ 6 mm on 6 mm 1/4˝ on 1/4˝    
5 mm on 8 mm 3/16˝ on 5/16˝ 6 mm on 10 mm 1/4˝ on 3/8˝ 1.2 m x 2.4m
1.5 m x 3.0 m
1.8 m x 3.0 m
2.4 m x 3.0 m

4’ x 8’
5’ x 10’
6’ x 10’
8’ x 10’

    10 mm on 10 mm 3/8˝ on 3/8˝
    12 mm on 12 mm 1/2˝ on 1/2˝
    20 mm on 10 mm 3/4˝ on 3/8˝


Overall and overlay thickness tolerances can be guaranteed within ±10% of specified thickness.


Plate flatness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±3 mm (±1/8”) over 1.5 m (5’) plate length for plate dimensions equal to or less than 1.5 m (5’) x 3.0 m (10’). For plates greater than 1.5 m (5’) wide by 3.0 m (10’) long, the plate flatness tolerance can be guaranteed within ±25 mm (±1”).

Delivery Conditions

Duroxite 500 is supplied in an as-welded condition.

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