Stronger and lighter


Strenx high performance steel has great saving potential to make products stronger, lighter, safer and more competitive.

Strenx provides to users key competitive advantages:

  • Excellent weldability combined with high strength and toughness
  • excellent bendability and machining properties
  • steel with yield strength from 600 to 1.300 MPa
  • the highest surface quality with narrow tolerances for thickness, flatness and bending properties.

Strenx steel offers a wide variety of applications: mobile crane, lifting devices, trucks, trailers, trains. buses, crop and timber harvester, marine and offshore structures

SSAB is the world's most experienced producer of high-end quenched and tempered steels

Strenx performance steel has great potential to make your products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable.

To make your products lighter you need smart design and stronger steel that can be used in thinner dimensions. Strenx performance steel is SSAB solution to this challenge. We call it performance steel, because it adds performance beyond ordinary high strength steel. Skilled and ambitious engineers can produce outstanding results with Strenx. Depending on starting point, designers can cut 20,30,40 percent and more weight of steel structures – and still achieve greater performance and a longer service life.

  • The high-strength, high-performance steel W
  • idest portfolio ranging from 600–1300 MPa
  • In thicknesses 0.7–160 mm
  • Excellent impact toughness even in a cold climate
  • Excellent workshop properties including welding
  • Superior consistency backed up by Strenx guarantees – flatness, thickness, bendability
  • Available as hot-rolled plates, coils, sheets and also as cold-rolled sheets
  • Tubes and open profiles in different shapes, thicknesses and strengths

With Strenx steel, trailer manufacturers can specify more payload. Truck owners can cut down on fuel consumption and CO² emissions. Crane operators can improve their business by reaching higher and further. Farmers can cover more acres in a day. That’s the beauty of Strenx steel: Whatever your application, Strenx offers new options for improving its performance.






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