The best solution to reduce sliding wear


The Duroxite product range is targeted at different types of wear, such as abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear. Duroxite® is particularly well suited to fighting sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles such as minerals containing quartz. By welding chromium or complex carbides, or other abrasion-resistant materials on top of mild or quenched and tempered steel, an extremely wear-resistant compound material is created.


Guaranteed overlay thickness, guaranteed overlay properties:

  • Overlay thickness guaranteed within ± 10% for plates and pipes
  • Wear properties guaranteed down to 75% of the overlay thickness
  • High consistency throughout the material and between individual plates and pipes

Duroxite overlay is the natural choice for industries active in quarries, mining, cement, energy, steel mills, recycling and many other areas where abrasive materials require extremely hard surfaces

The Duroxite overlay is comprised of abrasion resistant materials deposited on top of mild steel or Hardox wear plate to create an extremely wear resistant compound material. Duroxite is manufactured by SSAB, producer of Hardox wear plate and a company with extensive metallurgical knowledge in the wear arena.

Duroxite overlay works especially well in sliding wear environments where small and hard materials are processed such as coal with high quartz content. It also plays an important role as a wear resistant material in high temperature environments. How to choose the proper Duroxite product for different applications.


Duroxite overlay plate is solution to combat premature failure in critical wear areas under extremely abrasive conditions with moderate to low impact. Duroxite fights wear guaranteed, with its unique guaranteed wear properties down to 75% of the overlay thickness.


Typical applications include dragline buckets, truck bed liners, shovel buckets, fan blades, loader buckets, housing liners, dozer skins, hopper liners, motor grade liners, skirt boards, scraper liners, transition chute liners, spiral conveyors, cement mill liners, wood debarker liners, scroll liners.

SSAB supplies a wide range of chromium carbide and complex carbide overlay plates. Typical standard formats are 5’ X 10’ and 6’ X 10’. Overlay thicknesses vary from 1/8” to ½” depending on the thickness of the base metal. Damatech can also cut to size, shape and roll Duroxite according to your specifications.