Stud welding

Wear is mainly either sliding wear or impact wear. Duroxite® is ideal for low to moderate impact, while Hardox® can withstand all kinds of impact and keep on performing. Essential for ensuring a long service life is the liner installation, which is typically welded or bolted on. Using stud welding can further enhance the strength and lifespan. Stud welding of wear plates is a cost-effective method reducing the labor time, eliminated two sided fastening of various types and sizes of fasteners as well as reduced heat input to base material.

Welded studs are wear protection weld-on bolts and are available in different sizes and threads. Studs can be fitted to the back of wear plates, eliminating the expense and time consuming need to drill and counter sink holes. The variety of stud sizes manufactured range from 8 – 25mm in diameter and length as required.


Stud welding

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