Company Damatech d.o.o. recieves recognition award for successful growth in the past decade

Friday, October 23, 2020 Daily newsletter Dnevnik acknowledged Damatech as one of the companies with the most successful growth rate in the region.

Gazela is a project which has been since 20 years organized by daily newspaper Dnevnik. It aims to acknowladge and reward companies that grow and evolve successfully, create new workplaces and are sustainably oriented. Awarded companies are selected for nomination on the basis of proposal of award comittee members. The intention is to reward and acknowledge companies that sustain growth.

Slovenian entrepreneurs recognize Gazela as one of the most expertly justifiable awards in Slovenia. Also the analysis of the past award winners has shown that the big majority of them still successfully operates. Therefore, Slovenian companies consider recieving Gazela award as a great prestige and honor.

Company Damatech d.o.o. recieved two nominations for this prestigous award. First nomination in 2016 was followed with second nomination in 2017. Company accepted both with great honor and considered it an important acknowledgment of past achievements. This year newsletter Dnevnik additionally recognized companies with steady and high growth in the past decade and Damatech d.o.o. was among the recognized companies. Darko Mikec, director of the company Damatech d.o.o., commented these acknowledgemnts as follows: »Considering the prestigious reputation that award Gazela has, we are were much honored that we were among the nominated companies twice in the past years. The competition is hard and being nominated twice in such a short time period is an accomplishemnt we are proud of.« Procurator Mateja Mikec agrees with this and adds: »We were very pleased to recieve both nominations for Gazela award as we were happy to recieve recognition award just recently for growth in the past decade. We continue to stay commited to growth and further development of the company. The recognition award gave as additonal motivation for this.«



Company Damatech d.o.o. recieves recognition award for successful growth in the past decade

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