Damatech - Premium Supplier of High Performance Steel for Tool and Engineering Industry

With 10 years of successful company history and extensive know-how is Damatech Company dynamic Steel Service Center focused on products and solutions based on pre-hardened steel grades: Toolox, Hardox, Strenx, 42CrMo4QT and 1.1730.

Key success factors for us and our customers are based on three components: premium pre-hardened steel grades, value added processing and excellent service.

What makes us strong...

From the very beginning we work close together with our strategical steel supplier SSAB, market leader in the field of high strength and wear resistance steel grades.

Together with customers we develop innovative solutions and technologies with the goal to optimize product’s lifetime and reduce production costs.

As a specialist in the distribution, storage and processing of pre-hardened steel for a wide range of applications, we always want to convince with performance, which is why we never focus on the individual order, but rather on customer satisfaction.

Our customers value us as a reliable and competent partner for innovative products made of pre-hardened steel with perfect properties. Our goal is always long-term partnership based on trust.

As a future oriented company, we always work hard on the continuous improvement and expansion of our offer.

Damatech Building

Damatech Building

Family owned company

Family owned company

Our Team

Our Team

Damatech Story from Beginning until the Present Day

2009: Humble but Strong Beginnings

The first headquarter of company Damatech was in the family living room where Darko Mikec, with strong support of his wife Mateja, started to write story of Damatech.

The agreement of partnership between Damatech and Swedish steel producer SSAB AB marks one of the crucial events of Damatech's beginnings as it marks beginning of successful cooperation that still lasts.

Soon Damatech opened its own storage facilities where a modern steel center was organized. The company also invested in Behringer bandsaws and other crucial storage equipment. Right from the beginning Damatech focused on developing the most time and cost-effective manner of steel cut. Up until today Damatech and its customers can enjoy the fruit of company's determination to develop the best know-how of steel cutting.

2010 – 2018 Years of Growth and Investment

The following years were all about growing and investing. Due to its reliable and cost-efficient services Damatech got good reputation and the business was expanding with certainty. In the past decade, the company managed to record 10-15% of yearly growth.

The core belief of Damatech is that growth supports further growth, and this is why the company always invested all the fruits of growth further. To facilitate expanding demand for timely and cost-effective deliveries of cut steel plates Damatech invested in new Behringer band saws.

Damatech also expanded its delivery program with investment in water jet cutting machine and plasma machine which means Damatech can deliver also precise shape cuts according to drawings.

In this time period also a CNC department was established with expertise in CNC processing of prehardened steel.

2011: Quality is the Key

Quality of its products and process lies at core of Damatech. Since 2011 this has been also certified with the certificate ISO 9001:2008 which was in 2016 updated to certificate ISO 9001:2015.

2019: Further Expansion

In order to facilitate growth Damatech acquired 900m2 of additional facilities. In the new hall a modern CNC department was arranged that was further improved with a new CNC turning machine Doosan Puma XYL.

2019: It Has Been a Decade!

Time is running fast and anniversaries are a welcome chance to stop and reflect upon past achievements. In October 2019 Damatech organized a celebration of the first ten years of business. For this occasion, more than 100 business partners gathered to celebrate with festive event.

2022: Installation of a solar power plant

In 2022 Damatech invested in its own sollar power plant. Sollar pannels are instaled on the roof of office and storage buildings and can produce up to 275 KWH. With this energy Damatech aims to cover up to 30% of its energy need and thereby to reduce carbon footprint of the company and in this way contribute to greener future.