Hardox Wearparts on the slopes

18. 2. 2017

Hardox always surprises with its versatile fields of application - even when skiing, one meets the all-rounder.

On the one hand, Hardox Wearparts can be used to protect the runway as an avalanche protection structure. This is usually the case in areas that do not have natural protection such as trees and there is an increased risk of avalanches. For this purpose, avalanche deformations from Hardox Wearparts can be used, which divide the snow into fields and thus prevent an avalanche from happening in the snow.

In addition to safeguarding the slopes and the prevention of avalanches, Hardox Wearparts can also be used, among other things, for the drive wheel at the ski lift.

Contact us for possible applications in your industry. We manufacture Hardox Wearparts according to your specific requirements.