Customer satisfaction

21. 2. 2017

Customers evalutate the company regarding their products, services and (after-sales) support. Tracking the customer satisfaction with questionnaires gives the company important information about well working and also improvable processes. 

If customers’ expectations are matched by the services and products of the company, the satisfaction is high and leads to the following advantages:

  • Customer loyalty and
  • reduction of customer fluctuation,
  •  competitive advantage,
  •  interruption of negative feedback loops as well as
  •  security based on trustful cooperation. 

Therefore, a trustful, long-term partnership with feedback from customers and suppliers is one of Damatechs key objectives. Damatech tracks its customer satisfaction using online questionnaires. Customers can give feedback to the steel and service quality such as the quality of machining and cutting of the steel and responsive times of the Damatech employees, as well as delivery performance and influencing factors when deciding to order at Damatech. The questionnaire is available in Slovene and German and Damatech would like to encourage its customers to complete the questionnaire that only takes five minutes and can be completed online.