Toolox 44 Bars

Toolox 44 Round materials are pre-hardened and ready for processing and are available in a wide variety of small and large diameters. Toolox 44 round material is suitable for machine tool applications in tool holders and various types of shafts and rollers. The dimensions also provide a better solution for round parts in tooling applications such as moulds and dies for aluminum die-casting.


  • 410 to 475 HBW
  • The degree of hardness of the bars is measured on a milled surface with notches that serve as impact tests in accordance with EN 10083.


  • Toolox 44 Round bars are available in diameters from 21 to 141 mm. Other dimensions are available on request.


  • Tolerances according to SSAB’s thickness guarantee AccuRollTech - AccuRollTech meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A but offers narrower tolerances.
  • Flatness tolerances accord with SSAB’s flatness tolerances, which are more restrictive than EN 10 029 Class N (steel type L).

Heat treatment

  • Quenched and tempered at a minimum temperature of 590oC. On delivery from SSAB the plates meet the following specifications: - free from mill scale - not repair welded
  • Toolox 44 is not designed for further heat treatment. If Toolox 44 is heated above 590oC after delivery from SSAB, no guarantees for the properties of the steel are given.
  • Nitriding or surface coating may be carried out if the temperature is below 590oC.

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