Toolox 33

Toolox 33 is supplied in a rolled or tempered version and has a high impact strength and very low self-tensioning to ensure good dimensional stability after machining.


  • 275 to 325 HBW
  • Hardness is measured, according to EN ISO 6506-1, on a milled surface 0.5 - 2 mm below the plate surface. Bar Hardness is measured on a milled surface, with indents positioned as impact test according to EN 10 083.


  • Toolox 33 is available as plates in thicknesses between 5 - 130 mm and as bars in diameters  21 - 141 mm. Other dimensions can be available on request.


  • Tolerances according to SSAB’s thickness guarantee AccuRollTech - AccuRollTech meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class C but offers narrower tolerances.
  • Flatness tolerances accord with SSAB’s flatness tolerances, which are more restrictive than EN 10 029 Class N (steel type L).

Surface properties

  • Surface properties of Toolox 33 accord with EN 10 163-2 Class B, Subclass 3.

Heat treatment

  • Quenched and tempered at a minimum temperature of 590oC. On delivery from SSAB the plates meet the following specifications: - free from mill scale - not repair welded
  • Toolox 33 is not designed for further heat treatment. If Toolox 33 is heated above 590oC after delivery from SSAB, no guarantees for the properties of the steel are given.
  • Nitriding or surface coating may be carried out if the temperature is below 590oC.

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