Recommendations for welding Toolox

1. Pre-heating

Preheat both sides of the weld joint, about 100-150 mm on each side. The preheat temperature should be reached in the center of the plate. Maintain the preheat temperature during the entire welding process, especially during welding.

Preheat temperature:
*170 – 200oC for Toolox 33
*225 – 275oC for Toolox 44

2. Use of electrodes

Use as soft or as stainless electrodes as possible. The electrodes must be dry. The maximum permissible hydrogen content is 5 ml / 100 g of weld metal. In order to achieve an optimum texture-forming quality, the welding should be carried out using the TIG method with an additional wire with the same chemical composition as the base material. The simplest method is to saw a bar from a remaining part of the base material.

3. Interlayer temperature

When welding, an intermediate temperature of at least:
*170oC for Toolox 33 and
*225oC for Toolox 44  should be reached.

4. Warm-up time

After welding, perform a heat treatment in the range of about 100 - 150 mm from each side of the weld. The soaking time should be 5 min / mm sheet thickness or at least 60 minutes. Normally a warm-up time of 2 hours is sufficient. The start of the soaking time is the point when the temperature has been reached in the entire starting volume.

5. Cooling down

After the heat treatment, the welded component should be left to cool down to room temperature in the open air.


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