Recommendations for tooling Toolox

Drilling Recommendations - HSS Drills

For unstable machine conditions, only HSS drills should be used. In good machine conditions, you have the choice between solid / brazed carbide drills or drills with interchangeable drill heads.

Milling recommendations

Toolox has very low self-tensioning. For the full effect, a strain-free voltage should be used. When pieces have to be cut, cut 5-10 mm from the burnt edge to free the piece from the residual stress. Machine toolability has been improved. When milling, you will notice that the shavings produced are bluish in colour. We have changed the carbide morphology compared to conventional tool steels and use less carbon for Toolox. As a result, the heat generated during milling is transferred into the chips and not into the cutting edges / workpiece.


With the right tools, tapping / thread milling can be carried out for all Toolox strengths. We recommend using four-span grooves that can easily withstand the high torque that can occur when cutting in hard materials. Unless it is critical, the drill hole can be 3% larger than the standard to extend the life of the tapper.


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