Hardox Extreme

Hardox Extreme is a wear plate with a hardness of 650 to 700 HRC which is particularly suitable for applications with – as the name implies – extremely high demands for wear resistance.


  • 570 to 630 HBW

Dimension Range

  • Hardox Extreme is supplied in sheet thickness from 8 to 19 mm. Usual dimensions are 2000 x 4000 mm, which we can deliver quickly. Other dimensions can be supplied on request.

Fabrication and other recommendations

  • is not intended for further heat treatment. Mechanical properties are achieved by quenching and when necessary by means of subsequent tempering. The properties of the delivery condition cannot be retained after exposure to temperatures in excess of 150 oC. 


  • Thickness: Tolerances according to SSAB‘s thickness precision guarantee AccuRollTech. – AccuRollTech meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A, but offers narrower tolerances.
  • Length and width: According to SSAB‘s dimension program. Tolerances conform to EN 10 029 or to SSAB‘s standard.
  • Shape: Tolerance according to EN 10 029.
  • Flatness: Tolerances according to SSAB‘s flatness tolerances which are narrower than EN 10 029 Class N (normal). 

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