Hardox 500 Tubes

Hardox 500 round material is as hard and tough as our Hardox 500 wear plates and offers excellent properties with its wear resistance and weight reduction. Despite the high hardness, Hardox 500 tubes can be welded, cut, milled and drilled using standard tools. Hardox 500 round material can replace expensive wear products such as armored plates.


  • 470 to 530 HBW
  • The hardness of the bars is measured on a milled surface with notches that serve as impact tests in accordance with EN 10083. Hardox is cured. The minimum core hardness is 90% of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.

Dimension Range

  • Hardox 500 round material has a total thickness of 2 to 6 mm, with a maximum length of 10,000 mm and a total diameter of 76 to 133 mm.

Fabrication and other recommendations

  • Thickness: Tolerances according to SSAB‘s thickness precision guarantee AccuRollTech. – AccuRollTech meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A, but offers narrower tolerances.
  • Length and width: According to SSAB‘s dimension program. Tolerances conform to EN 10 029 or to SSAB‘s standard.
  • Shape: Tolerance according to EN 10 029.
  • Flatness: Tolerances according to SSAB‘s flatness tolerances which are narrower than EN 10 029 Class N (normal). 

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