Hardox 400 Bars

Hardox 400 round materials are versatile, ready to use and wear-resistant, combining excellent toughness, flexibility and weldability. Hardox round materials are tempered and delivered with very high tensile strength and hardness. This opens up entirely new possibilities for stronger and easier product design. Hardox 400 round materials also help optimize workflow in the workshop, such as machining, welding, cutting and polishing.


  • 370 to 430 HBW
  • The hardness of the bars is measured on a milled surface with notches that serve as impact tests in accordance with EN 10083. Hardox is cured. The minimum core hardness is 90% of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.

Dimension Range

  • Hardox 400 bars come in dimensions from 40 to 70 mm with a length of up to 5000 mm and have the same guaranteed properties as Hardox plates.

Fabrication and other recommendations

  • Hardox 400 bars are given mechanical properties by quenching, roll forming and plasma welding. The properties shown in the delivery conditions can not be maintained if the steel is exposed to operating and preheating temperatures above 250 °C. Hardox 400 rods are not designed for further heat treatment.

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