Autogenous cutting of Hardox wear plates is as simple as cutting normal steel. Care should be taken when cutting thicker Hardox sheets. Hard and hard Hardox plates increase the risk of cracks on the cutting edge.

Cutting methods
Hardox wear plates can be cut efficiently with both cold and flame cutting methods. The cold methods are abrasive waterjet cutting, cutting, sawing and abrasive grinding; the thermal methods are autogenous, plasma and laser cutting.

General characteristics for different cutting methods

Cutting method
Cutting speed
Dimensional tolerance
Abrasive water jet cutting 8-150 mm/min
1-3 mm

0 mm
+- 0.2 mm
Laser cutting
600-2200 mm/min
<1 mm 0.4-3 mm

+- 0.2 mm
Plasma cutting
1200-6000 mm/min
2-4 mm
2-5 mm
+- 1.0 mm
Autogenous cutting 150-700 mm/min
2-5 mm
4-10 mm
+-2.0 mm

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