Toolox in injection molding

Toolox is a pre-hardened tool steel suitable for plastic molding. It shows good dimensional stability after processing!

Toolox is pre-cured, ready for processing and supplied with measured and guaranteed properties.

It is very suitable for polishing and etching and is 20 - 25% faster to process than 1.2312. For precision parts, its unique shape stability and dimensional stability are used, even if no compensation is provided. Toolox 33 can be surprisingly easily machined without the addition of sulfur, which would impair the excellent toughness.

Therefore, Toolox 33 completely replaces 1.2312, while Toolox is superior to the 1.2312 in almost all technical properties. At least equivalent nitritability or PVD coating are possible without problems, further heat treatment is unnecessary and is not recommended. If a higher hardness or strength is necessary, we recommend Toolox 44.

Low self-tensioning
The use of high tempering temperatures results in a very low internal stress. As a rule, there is no need for stress relief annealing, even after heavy machining of Toolox.

Excellent properties and purity 
This means that Toolox mechanical and tool steel meets high-quality ESU steel standards and contributes to excellent machinability.

Easy to texturize, polish and spark erode (EDM) 
Our specially controlled secondary metal recovery processes, combined with our CSR (Soft Reduction) process, ensure that Toolox is extremely pure and virtually segregation-free.


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