Die Casting Tools for Bronze or aluminum

Case Study: Die Casting Tools for Bronze

Initial situation:
Thesteel QRO 90 was being used, heat-treated to a hardness of 48 HRC. This represents a successful but cost-intensive solution.

In a parallel experiment, QRO 90 and Toolox 44 were used for both the moulds and the cores. For the cores, Toolox 44 used faster than QRO 90, but Toolox 44 cut significantly better than QRO 90 in the mould itself and held 45,000 pieces until the end of the total series. There were almost no differences between the shapes of Toolox 44 and the shapes of QRO 90.

Toolox is a more cost-effective variant than QRO 90, since it is delivered ready-to-heat and a better surface can be achieved by polishing.

Case Study: Die Casting Tools for Aluminum

Initial situation:
For the piston of the Scooter Piaggio Vespa, W.Nr. 1.2343 steel in ESR quality was used, which had to be heat treated to 46 - 48 HRC. The company produces pistons in 10 sizes, so the solution was technically suitable.

A series of 10 blanks was made from Toolox 44 sheets of 130 mm (5.12 ") thickness. Normally the production of such a mould takes four weeks.

The use of Toolox for the moulds saved one week, since no heat treatment is necessary. The surfaces did not have to be treated additionally.

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