Toolox as warm working tool

Toolox 44 is the hardest pre-hardened tool steel in the world and can be used in practically endless applications.

The fatigue resistance of Toolox 44 is an important property for aluminum die-casting and forging tools. The tool steel is suitable for the production of prototype aluminum die-casting tools and small pre-production series. If you use prototype tools, you can submit them for surface treatment. This develops a makeshift to a production tool. As long as the coating process does not exceed 590°C, the steel properties of the tool remain unchanged.

Important features ofaluminum printing tools 

The low carbon content and the very high cooling rate ensure that Toolox sheets are two to three times tougher than comparable steels with a similar hardness.

Wear and tear resistant
The excellent fatigue and toughness characteristics significantly increase the service life of your tool or machine components and provide good crack resistance. Due to the extremely high purity of Toolox sheets, cracks are first visible on the surface.

High thermal conductivity
Toolox retains its high strength and toughness at high temperatures, even at long contact times. This means shorter cooling times and a longer service life of the tool.

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