Cold forming tools

Case Study: Tools for pressing parts for heat exchangers

Starting situation: W.Nr. 1.2344 was used to manufacture the die of stainless steel for pressing parts for heat exchangers. After fabricating the die, the steel was cured to the hardness of about 50 HRC. The end die was prepared using a modular system with many components.

Result: The production of the die from Toolox 44 tool steel led to considerable money and time savings. About 600,000 pieces were produced with an outstanding result.

Case Study:Tools for manufacturing refrigeration compressors

Initial situation: Progressive cold forming tools for the production of cooling device parts are very demanding to manufacture and are used under difficult conditions. W. No. 1.2363 was used for production and cured to 60 HRC. Toolox 44 tool steel is based on the motivation to save time, avoid difficulties in the treatment of long sections and to make final corrections easier.

Result: The use of Toolox 44 saved over threedays. This is primarily due to the absence of heat treatment.

After the production of 150,000 pieces, the mold had no visible signs of wear. Control measurements were successful and 1.5 million pieces were manufactured.

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