Toolox as cold working tool

The basic hardness of 45 HRc is the right one for many tools. If this is not enough for you, the Toolox 44 nitrided tool steel comes into play.

Toolox tool steel is hard and solid enough to form a perfect substrate for surface treatment. If you choose nitride, you can achieve surfacehardnesses of 58-65 HRC for extremely wear-resistant applications. Or you can coat the steel to resist corrosive attacks – depending on the corrosive medium – while maintaining the super-tough core strength that can prevent splinter and crack formation.

Fields of application are forming tools for sheet metal forming and machine components.

High hardness and toughness
These features make Toolox a perfect substrate for nitriding, opening up a wide range of applications that require high resistance to surface pressure and wear.


The low carbon content and the very high cooling rate ensure that Toolox steel is two to three times tougher than comparable steels with a similar hardness.

Substrate strength
Surface treatments such as nitriding and PVD coating require high toughness. A tiny scratch in the surface layer will probably not spread into the substrate.

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