Shredding shears

Tires are made of an organic material with elastic characteristics. Moreover, it is not abrasive. On the other hand, the steel part of the tire is made of metal with elastic-plastic characteristics that forms a network of thin wires in the tire. It is abrasive, with a hardness of up to 800 HV.

The main difference when grinding tires to other materials is the importance of the edge sharpness of the shredders. Sharp edges of the knives contribute to a higher fragment quality, reduce heat in the process, and have less force to cut the steel ropes from the tires. Blurred shredding edges lead to more wear and larger fragment parts.

Wear types
In tire recycling, wear is high. There are the following wear types:

Abrasive crushing wear
  • Between scissors and scissors 
  • Between scissors and spacer

Abrasive sliding wear
  • Cutting edge
  • Spacer
  • Sieve

The shredding shears for tire recycling are made from Hardox 600 sheets with the abrasive water jet. We are aware of the importance of the sharpness of the cutting edges and place a particular emphasis on them.

Hardox 600 in combination with tool steel or armor at the cutting edge leads to longer service life.

Cutting metode Thickness Cutting speed Kerf HAZ Dim. Tolerance
Abrasive water jet 4 - 150 mm 8 - 150 mm/min 1 - 3 mm 0 +/- 0.2 mm

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