There are three types of shredders:

  • High-torque multi-purpose shredder
  • High-speed shredder with teeth
  • High-speed shredder with knives

The shredder and particularly the rotor housing should be designed in such a way that as much air as possible can flow through, so that the generated heat is reduced. The cutting chamber should be made of Hardox 450.


The anvil acts as a counterpart to the knife. Because the anvil is static, problems with the chipping edges are almost non-existent. Based on the tight tolerances between the blade and the anvil as well as the high pressure of plastic waste and large particles, the wear of the anvils is massive.

Hardox 550 or Hardox 600 are recommended for anvil manufacturing.


The screen in the plastic shredder and its hole size influence the size of the plastic particles enormously. This makes the sieve a very important part of the shredder, since the hole size also affects the wear of the shredder knife. Smaller holes make it necessary for the knives to cut the waste several times so that it is small enough to fall through the holes.

Depending on the application area, Hardox 500 or Hardox 550 is recommended for the sieve. It is important that the cutting edges of the sieve are high quality; otherwise, cracks may occur during bending.

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