Case Study: Waste incineration plant / hammers

Initial situation:

A waste incineration plant that previously used blades made of 12% manganese steel has now permanently switched to Hardox 550 hammers. The purpose of the test with Hardox 550 wear steel was to extend the hammer‘s wear time to achieve longer maintenance intervals. Since the price of 12% manganese is relatively low and the production series is large, it was assumed that it would be hard for Hardox 550 plates to compete with the price / kg ratio. However, the difference between purchase prices of industrially manufactured 12% manganese steel and the Hardox 550 sheets produced by firing was insignificant.

After the test phase, it was obvious that the hammers made from Hardox 550 plates significantly extended the service life and improved the efficiency of the process. One of the most important advantages was that the material loss on the Hardox 550 hammers was reduced compared to manganese castings. The reason for this was that the impact load on the hammers was not high enough to achieve the deformation hardness effect needed to achieve 12% Manganese hardness by the hardness of 550 Brinell Hardox sheets. The maintenance interval could be increased by switching to Hardox 550 hammers.

Thanks to improved productivity, shorter throughput times, reduced maintenance and inventory costs, the incinerator estimates its savings at more than € 100,000 per year.


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