Hardox in coal power stations

A coal-fired power plant is not only concerned with itsmain product, coal, but also with many by-products, as the following graph shows. Hardox can be used to crush coal, limestone and ash.

Coal treatment

The grain size of the filled coal is about 30-100 mm. The entire coal must be crushed to the final grain of 0-2 mm.

The comminution is generally carried out in two stages (two different types of crushers). The first stage is generally the hammer breaker. The second stage is the ventilation mill or the ball mill.

Coal is not just coal! Coal consists of about 30% of other minerals (quartz, pyrite, illite, chlorite, etc.). These minerals are responsible for wear.

By-product processing: slag

The slag must be crushed for further processing. Before crushing, the slag is cooled with water so that it has a temperature of less than 100 °C.

Slag consists of SiO2 (quartz), Al2O3, CaCO3, Fe2O3. The main component is quartz.

Rollers (see pictures) are used for comminution. They are also called tooth breakers. Hardox 500, Hardox 550 and Hardox 600 can be used with a thickness of about 20mm.

Due to the high quartz content Hardox 600 can be used. We also have good experienc with Hardox 500!


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